Mr Kurer made me feel at ease at every stage of my treatment and I felt like I was in safe, capable hands. I would be happy to be referred back to Mr Kurer should the need arise again. Thank you!

Made the time to talk. So often you see a doctor or consultants and they just rush you out the door!

When I arrived for my first appointment I was extremely stressed and in a lot of pain. Within minutes of Mr Kurer welcomed me I felt stress free and pain free and he hadn’t started his examination. By the end of my consultation with Mr Kurer I was certainly stress free and definitely pain free. Mr Kurer is in my opinion an outstanding consultant.

After having a very unfortunate experience and unsuccessful operation, I was very fortunate to meet and be treated by Mr. Kurer who successfully operated and repaired my shoulder. Not only Mr. Kurer is a great surgeon he is also very compassionate. I would also like to commend Mr. Kurer’s secretary Sue who has always been very understanding and helpful.

Mr Kurer was very thorough, fully explaining my condition and my options. He was realistic, and supported me to come to a decision that was right for me. I wish I had followed his advice in full from the first, although he was generous when I told him I regretted not doing so saying that it was important I reached my own conclusion and took my time. He was able to resolve my problem in the operating theatre without ‘opening me up’ for which I am extremely grateful but he also made sure that I was aware that my hospital bill should be reduced, speaking directly to the hospital. I would not hesitate to recommend him and would not hesitate to return should I experience further problems. His secretary was also very efficient and helpful.

The procedure was painless to the point that I didn’t realise I had been operated on.
My hand is thankfully back to the same condition as it was before surgery
I would be very happy to recommend Mr Kurer to anyone for consultation or surgery.

When I decided to have the double carpal tunnel procedure, I had no doubts about the outcome based on my confidence in Mr Kurer. I was pleased that the operation was being performed under local anaesthetic as this would avoid the side effects afterwards.

I am happy that the procedure has cured the problem, and the wounds have healed well.

At my initial assessment with Mr Kurer he seemed confident in his own ability to do the surgery required but more importantly he listened to my concerns about the operation having initially tried the extremely painful steroid injection as an option of relief that only lasted a few months. So when he offered to try this injection again before an operation I actually refused it, as it was so painful. However he assured me it would not be painful this time, so I agreed to trust his judgement. He was proved correct, it was not painful and that proof of his expertise was very important in making me feel comfortable with a consultant I could trust.

I returned six months later with the benefits of the injection wearing off and Mr Kurer suggested I have the required surgery on both wrists at once. This was against the advice of a friend who had the carpal tunnel surgery one wrist at a time and my own inclination that this was sensible to avoid being completely incapacitated for the few weeks she had required to recover. Fortunately the injection experience allowed me to trust his judgement that the incapacitation would only be a couple of days with a minimum amount of discomfort.

Mr Kurer’s judgement was vindicated as the operation went smoothly, I did not have to take any of the pain tablets provided and within a couple of days my hands were useable again as promised and fully functioning within a few weeks.

I can only say I was delighted with Mr Kurer’s expertise as an Orthopaedic Surgeon and his demeanour that made me feel assured that he had my best interests at heart. The hospital staff that supported this process could not be faulted either.

Were I asked for advice about carpal tunnel surgery options I would consider my own experiences as very positive and would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kurer.

What was good about the surgery?
Mr Kurer was very witty whilst operating and helped you relax. He was also very thorough with good results!
What was disappointment about the surgery?
Nothing, all went well. On time and quickly done. Hand feels so much better already.
Do you have any recommendations for Mr Kurer?
I would thoroughly recommend to everyone. I have had both hands done and am very pleased.

I am happy with the result of my carpal tunnel operation – dealt with quickly, efficiently, neatly and painlessly.
My left hand also needs to be dealt with and I shall have no anxiety in contacting Mr Kurer shorty to arrange this.
I also appreciated Mr Kurer talking me through the procedure as he worked.