Carpal tunnel syndrome often affects nursing mothers and this regime was developed so that they can manage again quickly.

At the time of surgery, a small skin plaster is applied to the wound and then some padding and a bandage. The following morning the patient removes the bandage, padding and plaster, exposing the incision but of course no stitches, as these are hidden internal dissolving stitches.

The hand is then lightly washed under the tap with soap and water and dried and a new simple plaster applied. The patient may then start to use the hand. There is no need to wear a sling or any other dressings.

Patients usually find that their hand is sore for approximately four days but they are able to use it. It is safe for them to drive once they feel that they can grip the steering wheel safely. This would not usually take more than four days. Patients are reviewed at between seven and fourteen days just to check that their wound has healed satisfactorily.