Post-operative instructions following carpal tunnel surgery

You will return from the operating theatre with a large bandage.

You may go home as soon as you feel well enough.

You should take simple pain-killers such as Paracetamol, or Ibuprofen.

The nurses will give you several new sticking plasters to take home.

The day after surgery, you should take off the bandage completely.

You will find a sticking plaster beneath it.

Wash your hand with this sticking plaster on. You can go in the shower if you want.
Use ordinary soap and water.

At the end of the wash or shower, peel off the plaster carefully and put on a new
fresh plaster from the ones you were given at the hospital. The wound has internal
stitches, which you cannot see. They will dissolve on their own and will not need to
be removed.

Each day repeat the wash and re-application of the plaster.

You may use your hand as pain allows. You can try to drive, but it may take a few
days before you can grip the steering wheel safely.

By five days, the wound will probably be dry and healed and will not necessarily
need a plaster, although you may prefer to keep it covered.

If the wound becomes red or very painful or starts to discharge, then contact your
doctor or Mr Kurer’s secretary on 01209 891434, or at weekends, the hospital in
which the operation was done (Garden Hospital 020 8457 4500, Kings Oak
Hospital 020 8370 9500).

Good luck, I am sure you will do well!

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