FAQ’s / Myths

This is not so. There is no known cause although certain things eg pregnancy can pre-dispose to it.

It’s actually almost painless.​

A sling is unnecessary and the bandage and plaster are removed the next day before applying a new little plaster.

Only internal stitching is used which is not removed at all.​

The wound is washed with soap and water the next day.

One can use the hand straight away although it is sore for the first 4 days.

This surgery can be done without stopping warfarin treatment. The local anaesthetic used means that bleeding is not a problem Removable stitches are used and these are taken out after 14 days

There are patients where both hands are affected who wonder whether they can have both hands operated on at once because that means that after a few weeks, both are recovered.
The simple answer is ‘yes’, but Mr Kurer recommends that there is help at home for a few days.

People actually drive after 4 days, if they feel able.